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It has been awhile : )

Wow time has flown by!!! Each week, we post events that are going on within the La Familia De Esperanza community; however, we have neglected to make a post summing up all that has transpired since October of 2021.

So here we go, this is going to be our October 2021 to December 2022 recap! I am sure we might miss a thing or two because God has blessed us with lots and lots of amazing opportunities within that year and a little bit, but we are going to try to capture all of the blessed opportunities God has provided us.

November 2021 - 52 Thanksgiving boxes were distributed to our La Familia De Esperanza community.

December 2021 - Hot cocoa and the story of Jesus' birth at the La Familia De Esperanza Nativity scene.

181 La Familia De Esperanza Angels received at least four gifts apiece

60 LFDE families received homemade Christmas cookies and a yummy taco dinner to enjoy.

January 2022 - 2022 Vision Board Event for our La Familia De Esperanza moms.

Jan. - May 2022 Weekly Tutoring throughout the spring for our LFDE elementary-aged students.

March - Nov 2022 LFDE volunteer and youth participation in Cars and Coverica's monthly Car shows

April 2022 La Familia De Esperanza Easter celebration

Fiesta por Dia Del Nino

May 2022 La Familia De Esperanza Mother's Day Party

June 2022 2 Year Anniversary for La Familia De Esperanza

July 2022 LFDE Soccer camp - over 50 kids attended each day, T-F

LFDE Art and Games camp - over 50 kids attended each day, M-Th

LFDE Bible and Science camp - over 45 kids attended each day M-Th

August 2022 La Familia De Esperanza launches Fundamentos, our age 12 and older youth group.

Internet and Social Media Safety Informative Meeting with the Wylie Police Department

September 2022 LFDE's Fundamentos September Fiesta

October 2022 LFDE Feminine Product Closet opens within one of our communities, providing feminine hygiene products free of charge

La Familia De Esperanza's amazing mom's created a beautiful ofrenda to celebrate our loved ones for Dia de los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta

November 2022 LFDE's Fundamentos October/November Fiesta

46 Thanksgiving boxes were given to our families. We estimate our families average 6 people, so that means 276 Thanksgiving meals were provided

December 2022 Hot cocoa, cookies, and the Nativity story

153 LFDE Christmas Angels were gifted at least 4 gifts apiece

LFDE's Fundamentos December Fiesta

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