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The Why Behind La Familia De Esperanza

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

There is always a why behind every action; very little is ever done with no reasoning behind it. The reasoning behind La Familia De Esperanza can be summed up in two words: Love and Hope.

Love because we are called to love one another, and we find no greater joy than showing others the love that we have been given through our relationship with Jesus Christ. This love is unconditional and is given with no expectation. It is simply done because we want to grow in community, and love and know our neighbors.

Hope because that is the driving force for individual and community growth and development. Hope keeps us going, even when times are difficult, hope helps us look ahead and see that things can get better.

Love and Hope are the driving forces behind La Familia De Esperanza. These two things will enable our organization to help meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of our community.

Love and Hope are things that we have an unending supply of, and we look forward to seeing these enable us to do great things for our community.

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