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La Familia De Esperanza is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support in North Texas communities to underserved youth and their families.​


La Familia De Esperanza’s Founder Courtney Jones spent years volunteering with various organizations to help meet the needs of underserved families within Texas. Through her work within the public school system, as both a teacher and mentor, she became keenly aware of the needs of the youth she worked with.


When COVID-19 rocked our worlds, the imminent need to start a non-profit organization that enabled her to pull together her various resources became evident and La Familia De Esperanza was born. LFDE is a non-profit that is focused on establishing lasting relationships within the communities we serve. These lasting relationships will help families, neighborhoods, and communities grow in their physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual well-being.

Our Current Programs

  • LFDE has an academic club that meets weekly for pre-k through elementary age students.  This club allows students to complete hands-on science experiments while working on improving their writing and reading skills, as well.  

  • La Familia De Esperanza offers weekly tutoring sessions for students in elementary through high school.  These tutoring sessions are free of charge.   

  • LFDE has a weekly youth group for girls ages 12 through 17.  This group focuses on maintaining a close-knit community in which girls can provide friendship, mentoring, and support for one another.

  • La Familia De Esperanza has a weekly youth group for male and female students ages 12 through 17.  This group focuses on personal growth and development in character, spirit, and leadership behavior.

  • LFDE offers ESL classes for adult women throughout our community.

Special Event Programs

La Familia De Esperanza provides activities to aid in the celebration of various special holidays thoughout the year.  These activities include :

  • Vision Board crafting for the New Year

  • Easter community-wide celebration

  • Dia de los ninos party

  • Mother's Day event

  • Dia de los muertos celebration

  • Thanksgiving Meal provision

  • Christmas Nativity  celebration

  • LFDE Christmas Angel gift distribution 

Past Programs

  • From June 2020 throughout December 2023 La Familia De Esperanza partnered with Five Loaves Food Pantry to provide produce, bread, and meat to local communities one time a week. This enabled families to get real food incorporated into their diets, in order to further establish healthy habits.

  • During 2020 - 2021, LFDE partnered with Invincible Church to help meet home repair needs within the communities we served.

  • Recently La Familia De Esperanza partnered with a local jiujitsu academy to have classes offered free of charge to one of our LFDE students.  

La Familia De Esperanza is establishing lasting relationships to help empower underserved children, youth, and their families within North Texas. These relationships will enable personal empowerment, which leads to family empowerment, which leads to community empowerment.

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